RADO was born on 25 April 1988 in Košice as the only child of a mother who took care of him for fourteen years. Then his mother got ill and died of cancer. Because Rado´s father had never before or after showed any interest in him, he was educated by his grandparents in Kysak.

He started singing the songs of the legendary group BON JOVI as a small boy because his mother used to listen to them and Rado caught onto it.

He started singing “professionally” at various public events when he was thirteen. At that time his attitude toward singing changed to a bit more serious. This was at the same time that Bon Jovi´s song It´s My Life became a mega hit. The audience wanted Rado to sing this song at all the occasions because the timbre of his voice was identical with the voice of Bon Jovi’s lead vocalist Jon Bon Jovi. – This was the beginning of his career, and he was still working hard to learn the guitar and play the piano.

Then Rado read an article about the Bon Jovi group and saw an advertisement looking for a young talented singer. To apply for the position, applicants had to record a song of a favorite singer. Rado recorded the Bon Jovi song “Everyday”, sent the cassette and was selected. The contest was run by PMP Production. Working with PMP Production, Rado recorded eleven of songs, and PMP Production also produced a clip for the song “Meno mi hádať nemusíš”. Also at this time in 2003, Rado participated in the author songs competition arranged every year in Košice by Slovenský rozhlas with the song “Páčiš sa mi”. He won third place.

A month later he was offered the opportunity to sing the anthem of the Slovak national ice-hockey team “Nech Bože dá”. He did so in January 2004 at the event presenting the results of the survey OTO 2003 (TV screen personality). In April 2004 this CD single was officially published by BMG. The single was “baptised” by the wife of the Slovak ice-hockey player - goalkeeper of the century in memoriam Vlado Dzurilla - Zlata Dzurillová and the ice-hockey legend Jozef Golonka. Rado was awarded a gold record for it. After this success, Rado continued to record other songs for his eventual debut album.

In May 2012 the management of the Continental Hockey League invited him to the Final assessment of the Continental Hockey League to Moscow and he sung the popular hockey anthem “Nech Bože dá” very successfully also in Russia.

To win fame with your own songs requires lots of effort and persistence, and Rado definitely has these qualities. Today at his concerts and various social events, he likes to present the songs of Bon Jovi to his fans as Jon Bon Jovi. He hopes that in the future, he will have more time for composing his own songs and will win recognition with his own band and own compositions.

But definitely BON JOVI as a group will always be his great example and idol.