Členovia kapely

Bass guitar

Slavo Šimko

He has been devoted to music since his childhood when he played the trumpet in the school brass band. He founded the rock band Rift with his classmates in his first year of high school. Later he became a member of the well-known funk-rock band Fade Out from Prešov. He also played, together with his brother, in the band Zajida from Košice. He used to play with Miro Ďžunko, later with Andy Ďurica and Peter Bič in the band Stereo.


Peter Štefanka

He lives with his wife, daughter and son in Košice. He works at the conservatory in Košice as a teacher. He has played in many bands including the band of Peter Stašák.

Electric guitar

Ladislav Krivda

Laco's extraordinary talent was noticed by his parents, in his early youth, who supported him in further improving during his studies at the conservatory.


Rado Šimko

He was drawn to music by his brother when he was sixteen. He started in the progress rock band Zajida. He continued playing in the band Hemendex (pop rock), Get down (classic rock), Slave 4you (crossover-metal) and after fifteen years he played again in the band Zajida. Nowadays he plays with his brother in BJrevival.