The Band

 Laco Krivda - guitar, vocals

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Peter "Pimpi" Štefanka - keyboards, vocals.

He was born on 1 July 1970. He lives in Košice with his wife and a daughter and a son. He works at the conservatory in Košice as a teacher. He played in many bands including also the band of Peter Stašák.


slavoSlavo Šimko - bass guitar, vocals.
He was born on 1 July 1975 in Košice. He lives in Košice and does music from the time he was playing the trumpet in the school brass band as a child. In the first year of his secondary-school studies he made a rock band Rift with his schoolmates. Later he played in the famous funk-rock band Fade Out in Prešov. Together with his brother he played in the Košice band
Zajida also with Miro Džunko; later with Andy Ďurica and Peter Bič he played in the Stereo band.

henoHenrich „Heňo“ Bič - drums.
He was born on 11 May 1972 in Vranov nad Topľou. He studied at the Faculty of Sports, University of Prešov. In the band he is mainly in charge of technical matters. He is also most frequently the driver when the guys are on tour. He is versatile drummer, he also plays in the band of Peter Stašák and AC/DC revival.